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All of the Mediators at Your Friendly Divorce are experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorneys with extensive knowledge and practice in divorce and family mediation.

Corinne Mullen, founder of Your friendly Divorce, is a licensed New Jersey Divorce Attorney with thirty years of experience in family law and mediation. She and her partners believe in offering a fully integrated approach to divorce mediation. Because each family’s situation is different, Corinne and her team strive to give their clients a divorce mediation experience with a distinct difference.

When you choose Your Friendly Divorce you get the expertise of a team of mediators and family law attorney’s with the added benefits of a devoted group of experts specializing in Divorce Counseling, Custody Mediation, Family Therapy, Financial Advisers, and Real Estate. These professionals are here to help guide your family through the mediation process and find the best family law solutions available while meeting the expectations and needs of the parties involved.

Divorce Mediation Family Services

New Jersey Divorce Mediation Service

Family Therapy

For children, divorce can be an extremely unhappy, stressful, and a confusing time. Regardless of age, your children may feel tentative or angry at the idea of mom and dad separating and divorcing. As a parent, making the process as painless as possible for the children is paramount. Our family counseling experts are available as a resource in helping your kids handle the process. Our goal is to provide family support and reassurance to approach the process in positive a manner. We know it won’t be seamless but our experts are here to smooth out those “bumps” and allow you and your family to move forward in a positive way.

Financial Services

We offer advice that offers you clearer picture of your financial future during the separation and divorce process. Only then can you approach a legal settlement that fully addresses your financial needs and capabilities. Our network of professional’s will help educate and guide you by providing a thorough knowledge and understanding of the often-complicated financial decisions that are part of  process. Working in tandem with the Mediation Attorney, a projected financial forecast can be determined and a snap shot of the short and long term effects can be be viewed. Thus the Financial Planning team at Your Friendly Divorce can help formulate a plan for financial decisions that not only take care of immediate family needs, but needs as long term needs as well.

Real Estate

Disposition of the family home is always a critical piece of any divorce scenario. At your Friendly Divorce our real estate professionals understand what your are going through. Our team provides our clients with step-by-step guidance and educates them on to how protect themselves legally and financially when looking to sell their home.

Corinne Mullen  Divorce Mediation Attorney

Corinne MullenCorrine Mullen, is a divorce mediation attorney who founded, “Your Friendly Divorce.”  Ms. Mullen is a licensed divorce attorney who became a mediator because she was concerned about the high emotional, financial and psychological costs which accompany the traditional divorce process.

She believes mediation is an amicable way to keep your divorce or separation peaceful and stress-free. Although mediation is beneficial for all parties involved, it has be proven to be easier on children. To learn more about Corinne please click here

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